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Rebuilds & Conversions

HFFS and Blister Packaging Machine Rebuilds & Conversions
Looking to change your packaging layouts, film or upgrade the controls on an old machine? Let MDC Engineering help you evaluate your existing system and provide you with a comprehensive proposal. In addition to MDC built machines, our engineers have extensive experience with Hoopers and Prime systems as well.

The investment you make upgrading old form, fill & seal equipment will typically pay for itself in under 12 months. New drives and programs can help reduce cycle times and unnecessary scrap. Factor in the efficiencies of new motors, drives and the reliability and durability of current knives and clips and you will see how fast the savings can add up. Following is a list of potential upgrades you may wish to consider;

Chain Conversions – Upgrade to our new chain system and start saving money today. Our current chain is close to 20% less per foot to replace. All of our new chain is outfitted with a more effective “K” style clip which uses a conical spring that lasts 2-3 times longer than our previously supplied torsion spring clips. In addition, the new film clip tension is more than twice as strong and only requires an estimated 3/16” film engagement. If your running a Hooper or Prime that is more than 6 years old there is a good chance your system could benefit from this upgrade.
Controls, Drives and Motors – Replace your obsolete motors, drives and cards and upgrade to the latest Allen Bradley controls. Take advantage of today’s more energy efficient drives and reduce your carbon foot print.
Replace Flying Knives with Robust Guillotine Knives – Guillotine knives last longer and eliminate the cost of downtime associated with regular blade replacements
Replace “Dog-Bone” Knives with a Full Punch Die – Get the round corners you desire and increase your up-time. Dog Bone cuts are difficult to align and can be credited with frequent line stops to readjust. It is also common to see a lot of “angle hair” building up and potentially contaminating your product. Let us show you how to convert your machine to a full punch die and clean up the mess.

New Tooling and Confirmation Dies – Upgrade to quick change tooling and reduce changeovers to under 10 minutes. Consider adding confirmation dies which can speed up the manual loading process significantly not to mention reduce loading errors.

In addition to all of the key rebuild and upgrade options discussed above, MDC also offers a complete line of options and ancillary devices to enhance your HFFS thermoforming operation.

Additional Options
Updated Safety Packages
Product in-feed & conveyors
Flexo and digital top printers
Vision/inspection systems
Complete reject tracking system
Hole punch dies

MDC offers complete validation services for all rebuilds as well as ongoing product support. We stand behind all of our work and you can rest assured your “new” system will perform well for another 10-20 years.