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Packaging Films

Form Fill Seal Rollstock Forming Films and Lid Stock Materials

Looking to test a new film or a new package design? MDC Engineering offers package development services including testing of rollstock thermoforming films for blister, bag and pouch form fill seal application

MDC has the perfect test system available to clients looking to develop new solutions. We built a one up HFFS test system that can form rigid and flexible films for short test runs. Don’t waste a ton of money building finished tools until you know your concept will work as planned.

In addition to the medium to high barrier films most medical applications require low barrier and permeable (gas sterilized) films. However, typical HFFS films use nylon laminations or coextrusions with polyethylene, while high barrier versions use EVOH or coatings to reduce gas permeation. Base webs, which must allow for thinning during the thermoforming process can range from 4 to 15 mils thick. Top webs may be as thin as 2 to 3 mils.

Film and Materials Suppliers
We have excellent working relationships with various forming web and lid stock suppliers nationwide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in sourcing new materials or to get insight into performance characteristics.

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