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HFFS Resources

A list of excellent sources of info on standards, film specifications and industry guidelines for Form Fill Seal Technology as it applies to packaging.

Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine Resources
Need to learn more about Form Fill Seal Technology and related packaging topics? We’ve compiled a list of excellent sources for information on standards, film specifications and industry guidelines for your reference. If you have suggestions for additional useful information sources, please don’t hesitate to pass on your suggestions. Obviously if you are in the market for a HFFS packaging machine we hope you will give us an opportunity to assist you along the way.

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Film and Materials Suppliers
We have excellent working relationships with various forming web and lid stock suppliers nationwide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in sourcing new materials or to get insight into performance characteristics
Impact Plastics

Standards and Reference Guides
ISO standards for terminal sterilization methods;
Radiation Sterilization (ISO 11137 parts 1 – 2), EO Sterilization (ISO 11135) Standards

Medical Device and Packaging Directories
IoPP, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Medical Device Directory
PMMI, Packaging Machinery Manuf. Inst.