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Tensile Tester Machine

SurePeel: The Tensile Tester Machine for Medical Device Packaging

SurePeel is an automated tensile tester that utilizes a force transducer to measure the seal strength of flexible barrier materials and packaging. SurePeel is an ideal tool for performing ASTM’s F88 Standard Test Method. Seal strength is relevant to the force required to open the package as well as the sterile integrity of the package. MDC’s tensile tester machines work equally well with flexible and rigid material barriers.

SurePeel - The Tensile Tester Machine

Tensile Tester Machine Specifications
•Motorized test stand
•Strain gauge transducer
•PLC controlled
•User-friendly interface
•Quick cam-lock tooling
•Variable test speeds
•Manual jogging
•Real time and peak force display
•Average force calculation
•Distance measurement

pdfDownloadable Specification Sheet for the SurePeel Strength Tester

Tensile Tester Machine Measures Removal Force

A portion of the force measured when testing materials may be a bending component and not seal strength alone. A number of fixtures and techniques have been devised to hold samples at various angles to the pull direction to control this bending force. Because the effect of each of these on test results is varied, consistent use of one technique throughout a test series is recommended.

•Various stroke lengths
•Various force ranges
•Data logging to PC
•Custom tooling
•Custom reports
•Cutting tool

Standard Unit Specifications
Electrical: 120VAC, 3 Amps
Force Range: 0 –50 lbs
Speed Range: 0.5 in/min –50 in/min
Stroke Length: 8 inches
Accuracy: +/-0.01 lbs static
Resolution: +/-0.01 lbs
Dimensions: 19.5”H x 7.5”W x 17.25”D
Weight: 22 lbs.

The SurePeel can be used for the following purposes;

Seal Integrity: The force required to separate the seal can indicate the seal strength of the package. Using this test method within a quality control program will ensure that your packaged products are consistently and reliably sealed.

Package Development: Seal strength testing can be utilized for package development. New materials can be evaluated by comparing the test results and the strength required to peel a seal.

Validation: The test results from the SurePeel tester can be used to validate a packaging process and set the limits used in the packaging process.

Packaging Machinery Troubleshooting: The peel testing results can aid in troubleshooting a packaging machine setup or operation.

ASTM F88 Standard Test Method