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Leak Tester

Leak Tester (Bubble Leak Tester) Machine for Packaging
The SureVac™ family of leak tester/bubble tester machines is an integral part of any quality control program for sanitary and sterile packaging. SureVac is ideal for detecting gross leaks in a wide range of blister packs, pouches and medical device packaging.

SureVac™ will test a sealed package in a water-filled vacuum chamber to a preset vacuum level for a set amount of time. Air bubbles are an indication of a leak. An immediate seal failure is indicated by a “burst” of the package in the water. A great tool for performing the following ASTM tests; ASTM D-6653, ASTM D-3078, ASTM D-4991.

pdfDownloadable Specification Sheet for SureVac Auto

pdfDownloadable Specification Sheet for SureVac Manual

pdfDownloadable Specification Sheet for SureVac Auto – Bottler’s version

Eliminate operator subjective judgments and errors by following a standard validation process. SureVac™ provides validated quality assurance for these testing purposes;

Leak Detection: Test packages from your production line to determine if there are imperfections in the seal, resulting in leaks.

Seal Integrity: Determine the seal strength of a package by testing the vacuum level at which a seal fails. Specific areas of failure can indicate weak points of sealing and aid in troubleshooting packaging machinery setup.

Altitude Simulation: Test packages by simulating varying conditions created by altitude changes during shipping. Packages may be affected when exposed to the pressure differential created by high altitude conditions, such as air freight or land transport.

SureVac Leak Tester Machine Demo

Vacuum Range**:
0-24” Hg, Venturi model
0-29” Hg, High Vacuum Units
(**T = 68°F, RH = 0%, Alt = 0 FT)Leak Size: 50 Microns

Tank Size:
Depends on model (see spec)
Custom tank sizes available

Venturi Models:
Air Source: 90 PSI, 7 SCFM
Power Source: 100-240VAC, ~0.5A, 50-60 HzHV Models:
Air Source: 90 PSI, 1 SCFM
Power Source: See vacuum pump selection

• Calibration Gauge Kit, NIST Certified
• Vacuum Package Test Kit
• Reject Pushbutton
• Data Acquisition Software
• Validation Document
• Moisture Separator with Auto Shut Off

SureVac Auto Leak Tester Machine Features:
• Automatic and manual modes
• Automatic pull-down to preset level for preset time
• Up to 5 user-configurable tests
• Real-time, digital display of actual vacuum level
• Programmable ramp-up, ramp-down and hold time
• Data storage of test results to memory
• High impact vacuum chamber
• Package hold down
• Auto float valve

SureVac Manual Leak Tester Machine Features:
• Vacuum level and hold time is manually controlled
• Analog gauge
• High impact vacuum chamber
• Package hold down

Perform these ASTM standard test methods;
• ASTM D-6653
• ASTM D-3078
• ASTM D-4991