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Force Testing Equipment

Force Testing Equipment for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Packaging

MDC’s SurePeel is an automated force tester that can be custom tooled for a variety of force measurement applications requiring repeatable results. Our packaging force testers have been deployed for a wide range of applications including…

  • Snap-on Tests – Applying a snap on closure for bottles including glass ampules
  • Piercing Tests – measuring the force required for a syringe to puncture or pierce a rubber top
  • Peel Tests – measuring seal strength integrity for flexible barrier materials – See Tensil Tester Machines Page for more info

Please watch the following video for a recent application where the SurePeel was configured to measure the opening and removal forces of a snap-on top for a popular beverage mix.

SurePeel – Force Testing Equipment Demonstration

Force Tester Features
•Motorized test stand
•PLC controlled with integrated motion
•User-friendly operator interface
•Variable test speeds
•Standard modes
•Manual jogging
•Single cycle test at user preset speed
•Quick cam-lock tooling for standard samples
•Real time and peak force display
•Average force calculation
•Distance measurement
•Strain gauge transducer technology

Force Tester Options
•Various stroke lengths
•Various force ranges
•Data logging to PC
•Custom tooling
•Custom reports
•Cutting tool

Force Testing Equipment Specifications
Electrical: 120VAC, 3 Amps
Force Range: 0 –50 lbs
Speed Range: 0.5 in/min –50 in/min
Stroke Length: 8 inches
Accuracy: +/-0.01 lbs static
Resolution: +/-0.01 lbs
Dimensions: 19.5”H x 7.5”W x 17.25”D
Weight: 22 lbs.