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Inline Tray Sealers

High-Speed Tray Sealer Machine with Inline Registered Die Cutting

Do you believe that a high quality product should be in a high quality package? Our fully automated tray sealer machine with inline registered punch die was specifically designed for consumer packagers who care about the finished package quality.

MDC Engineering’s TSP-1 Tray Sealer Machine with integrated Die Punch is a one of a kind. This tray sealer allows you to feed multiple-up preforms, register and seal printed film, punch out intricate shapes including hanger holes at unbelievable rates. Continue to source your preformed blisters while maintaining control of the finished product and packaging processes. Blisters can be sourced in 2 or 3-up configurations greatly reducing your tray costs and the MDC TSP-1 machine will punch out the finished packages for you.

MDC’s Tray Sealer Machine Advantages
– Top film registration precisely registers pre-printed materials

– Retractable seal head with quick change tooling provides medical grade seals
– Full die punch “finishes” the package with clean edges and no overhang
– Create high end packaging with unique round and oval shapes
High-volume production capacities with horizontal flow.
– Small overall footprint under 6 feet

Options Include
– Hanger hole punches

– Easy peel feature
– Inline card placement or
– Integrated machine vision to ensure product quality
– label applicator and or Date coding

MDC Automated Tray Sealer Demo, Running 2 Up

In this example the customer is running a 2-up preformed tray. After the preform is placed into the load area an operator fills the blisters and a vision system verifies the presence of the product. The filled trays then index into the seal station where the top web is registered to the blister and sealed. The next index is into a precision male-female die punch where the complete package is cut out including a hanger hole punch. Finished product is transported below on an exit conveyor. The remaining trim is captured on a scrap rewind completing the operation.

The end customer realized tremendous material savings in purchasing 2 up blisters verses finished trays. Machine Design Concepts to Reality.. Give us a call today to learn more about this uniquely advantaged product.

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