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MediSeal Tray Sealer

The MDC MediSeal is a semi-automatic Tray Sealer. The MediSeal is offered with single or dual independently controlled seal head. The system requires preformed trays and precut sheets of lid stock. This machine is best suited to target low volume production environments or applications requiring frequent tool changes.

The MDC MediSeal Tray Sealer Machine can produce up to 600 packages per hour depending on the number of cavities per rotation and boasts the following key Features:
– Produce packaging with steril barriers
– Package/Tool Changeovers in Minutes
– FDA Validatible
– Precise Temperature Control
– Personalized single or dual independently controlled sealing heads
– Recall Prevention System
– Allen Bradley Controls
– Complete with Validation Protocols Available



Recall Prevention System
MDC’s MediSeal Tray Sealer Machine has a system that can help avoid costly recalls of product due to seal failures. The controls constantly monitor the sealing process temperature, dwell time and pressure during the operation to ensures a consistent process during every cycle.

MDC MediSeal Tray Sealer Machine Construction
Painted Steel or Anodized Aluminum (Stainless Optional)
Zero access guarding; Cat 3 min safety with Coded magnet switches for Safety Circuit Monitors
Mobile casters or fixed feet
Common Exhaust PVC Pipe
5 gallon surge tank for incoming air pressure

Package Quality Controls
Seal pressures are set via HMI and monitored electronically via transducer.
Temperature is controlled via PLC PID loops (no separate temperature controllers).
Electronic pressure regulators provide seal pressure controls.
Includes test port for thermocouples
High and low sealing pressure, temp and dwell alarms

Electrical Specification Details
CompactLogix PLC System to include
– External RJ-45 port on side of electrical panel for Ethernet comms
– Allen-Bradley 10” PanelView Plus
– Ethernet communications
– Allen-Bradley Kinetex Servo DrivenShuttle

Vision System Inspection Options
– Instrument/Part Load and
– Tooling detection
– Lid Printing
– Barcode – Read actual
– Lot # – Read actual
– Expiration Date – Read actual
– Product Code – Read actual
– CE Mark – Detect presence

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