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Validatable Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines Built to Your Specifications
The MDC FFS-1, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines are designed for the Medical Device and Consumer Product industries. Our systems are capable of producing flexible or semi-rigid packaging with sterile barriers. Built for high volume production environments, the FFS-1 can form films into trays or blisters up to 30 mil thick and seal Tyvek®, paper foil, or poly at production speeds up to 20 cycles per minute. Suitable for a wide range of materials including PETG, RPET, PVC, HIPS, PVDC, Poly, Nylon/Surlyn®

View MDC’s Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines in Action.

Unique Features of the MDC FFS-1 Include:

  • Pneumatic, lift-up form and seal heads
  • Dual-stage heat cylinders for seal and preheat stations
  • Quick-change form, seal and preheat tooling for fast change overs
  • Servo driven, top-film unwind for accurate print registration and no stress to package seals
  • Menu-driven recipe storage including seal pressures
  • Shaft angle control for event timing maximizes through-puts
  • Allen-Bradley controls w/ PanelView Plus touchscreen

High Uptime / Low Maintenance Costs

Retractable form and seal heads that don’t require water to cool coupled with quick change tooling enable 15 minute change-overs and ease of maintenance.

Stop Wasting Product!
Pre-heat, form and seal stations are cylinder driven for precise control and automatic retraction during machine stops safeguarding your work in process.

Form Clear and Uniform Packages
We offer complete validation services for each of our machines. Complete protocols & support (PQ, OQ, IQ) plus calibration ports for gauged inputs such as pressure, vacuum & temperature.

Runs flexible or rigid formable webs. Choose between contact or radiant heat, clips or piercing transport chains, and match metal dies or guillotine and crush-cut knives.

Built to Last
MDC machines are built to stand up over time to the rigors of a 24/7 operation with 3/4″ side plates and reinforced frames to provide a rock solid performance.

Safety First
Premium safety guarding packages are standard. All moving mechanisms are guarded. We pay close attention to closing off any areas of the machine that would potentially expose users to pinch points and/or moving parts.

Pneumatic Lift Station Heads for Quick Tool Changes and Maintenance

MDC FFS-1, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines General Specifications
Every MDC Machine is designed and built to YOUR specifications using U.S. standards and hardware. We provide each system with a Complete B.O.M. with Vendor PN’s, Program Source Code and Complete Solid Works Drawing Package! The following specifications are generic as each system is fitted with the appropriate hardware to create your product to your packaging specifications..

Overall Film and Package Capacities
Machine cycle rates up to 20 CPM
Film widths up to 35 inches
Index with pre-heat up to 25 inches
Film draws up to 5 inches

Mechanical Overview
Film unwind: Upper servo driven roller and powered bottom; 22” D standard
Film advance/chain: Servo index with torsion spring clips or piercing chains for rigid films
Pre-heat station: Contact or radiant heat with bottom reflector & side heaters. Control up to two indexes
Forming Station: Knee Action Linkage toggle press; upper male plugs with air over vacuum
Tooling: Quick-Change in 10 minutes or less for each stations; preheat, form, seal and trim (not recommended with match metal die cutting)
Loading Area: To customer spec with knee free area for operators. Machine height and widths optimized for operator ergonomics
Seal Station: Pneumatic lift head for quick-change tooling and gasket replacement. Dual stage cylinder retracts during machine stops.
Trim Station: Choose from Guillotine, Flying Knives, Crush Cut and Full Punch Match Metal Dies
Scrap Removal: Vacuum canisters or automated mechanical scrap rewind systems

MDC Builds machines for clean rooms as well as FDA regulated facilities. Choose from 403 Stainless, Solid, (anodized) aluminum side plates (3/8″ and 1/2″ optional) or 4″ Maytec aluminum framing. Lexan Guarding for Safety Package.

Controller: Allen Bradley CompactLogix
HMI: PanelView Plus 10” touchscreen
Indexing Servos: Ultra3000
Temp Controls: Using PID loops
Communications: Ethernet or DeviceNet
Programming: Menus built for your package products and users including foreign languages

Safety Features
Zero tolerance package plus emergency stops; Banner category 3 safety circuits
Cage safety guards w/ hinge circuits
Air and electric lockout points
Under guard packages

Utilities and Resources
Cooling water: 3 GPM
Electric: 230V/480V, 3 phase, 60 amps
Air Supply: 100 psi, 25 SCFM

MDC provides turnkey complete line integration including but not limited to
– Integrated Robotic product loading, Liquid fillers, Scales and In-feed conveyors
– Flexo and digital top film printers
– Vision and inspection systems for presence and placement accuracy
– Complete reject tracking system with reject conveyor and machine stops
– Sealed Zipper, Hole Punchs, Easy Peel Features