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MDC Engineering, Inc. designs and builds world class horizontal form fill seal packaging machinery, rollstock thermoformers and ancillary validation tools for Medical Device, Consumer Products and Food Processors. Each system is built to our customer’s specifications, validated under FDA guidelines and supplied with a complete drawing package, B.O.M and source code to US standards.

Our Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) machines are designed to package everything from perishable foods to medical devices requiring sterilization. Each MDC machine can be configured to make a wide variety of blister packages, carrier trays and zipper pouches.

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Process Explained
MDC Engineering builds Horizontal Form Fill Seal Thermoforming Machines (aka HFFS) that use rollstock materials to form a blister, tray or bag.  The plastic rollstock web materials (film) include a base film that is thermoformed and ultimately filled, and a lid stock material that is used to close or seal in the product. There are a lot of forming materials and gauges to choose from including HIPS, APET, RPet, PetG, Surlin and more. MDC can build a one up test tool for package development and film testing if needed to help you find the best solution for your product.

The base film is unwound and pulled through the machine into a preheat station which is usually one index of contact heat however we also offer radiant heat for thicker gauged films. We will also recommend two indexes of pre-heat from time to time depending on the thermoforming parameters of the forming stock.

Once the film reaches the desired temperature the film is pulled into the forming station. There are various approaches to forming the pocket or cavity to choose from; male or female die, plugs or no plugs and a combination of air over vacuum. The form can take on rather intricate shapes that hold the product or multiple devices. If you visit our Medical Device Applications Page you can see a variety of examples. We will recommend the ideal forming method for your your application.

The formed material is then transported into a loading area. The loading area is sized for the desired number of operators or robotic, pick and place system required to keep up with your fill rates. MDC Engineering provides custom automated loading systems coupled with automated identification and inspection solutions.

Once loaded the filled cavities advance into the Seal Station where the package is top sealed around the edges by applying a lid stock material . Lid stocks come in many varieties including poly films, Tyvek and aluminum foils to name a few. The materials can be purchased with your graphics and product information already printed or left unprinted. When printed films are required, we provide a print registration system to ensure your artwork lines up nicely with the supporting tray. The system relies on an eye mark and servo powered unwind with a automated brake to stretch the material as it is being laid down and sealed in place. We do this without putting any stress on your seal heads.

The last step before exiting and MDC HFFS Machine is the package cut and trim station. This is where the final package is cut out and removed from the web. There are several options to choose from depending on your chosen materials and package design. MDC specializes in Match-Metal trim stations ideal for clean cuts and unique shapes. We also offer simple guillotine and crush cutting methods when flexible films permit. Once the final package is punched out it is removed from the machine usually on a take-away conveyor.

MDC also manufacturer’s a line of thermoforming packaging machines to produce produce the highest quality Surgical Instrument and Procedure Trays from thermoformable films.

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