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Food Packaging

MDC’s sanitary Horizontal Form Fill Seal Food Packaging Machine with stainless steel and wash-down construction are built for the harshest of environments. Our system’s robust mechanical design is capable of high volume (24/7) runs while fully meeting FDA and CGMP requirements. Ideal for rigid and flexible films including modified atmosphere and gas flushing applications often required in the food industry. MDC Machines provide repeatable and controlled seals and forms.

In the end we understand that it is about consumer safety and your reputation in the marketplace when designing a hffs food packaging machine to meet your requirements. That is why so many of the top food processors in the world choose MDC to build their machines.

In addition to package quality, MDC machines are built to satisfy these additional customer requirements;

  • Uncompromising safety
  • Flexibility to run a wide range of packages, materials and designs
  • Built to last and stand up to the rigors of 24/7 environments
  • Maximum up-time and efficiencies with minimal waste

Video of Horizontal Form Fill Seal Food Packaging Machine

Have it Your Way
At MDC we understand that your needs are unique and that you need more than just a form fill seal machine, you need a complete production system. MDC machines get the job done with minimal downtime and waste. We build every machine to your specifications with a comprehensive menu of options to choose from. You pick the controls, drives and ancillary systems you have come to trust and your technical staff is comfortable working with. For an overview of the variety of options to choose from click on the following link;

pdfHave it Your Way!

Some recent Food Packaging success stories using horizontal form fill seal include….

  • Snack items such as pretzels, cookies
  • Meat products such as hot dogs and lunch meats
  • Ready to eat items such as yogurts, individual salad servings and RTM’s for the military
  • Squeezable condiments including icings and sauces
  • Sliced Vegetables and fruits

Tomatoes Packaged in Sealed Tray using HFFS Machine

Food tray packaging thermoformed on an MDC Engineering machine

Visit either our HFFS Machines page or our Thermoformer Machines page for a more in depth look at our packaging machine capabilities and to download the product specifications.

SurePack Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

SurePack Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine