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Why Buy MDC ?

Best Form Fill Seal Machine | Built By the Right Company

Why You Should Consider MDC Engineering..

The Best Form Fill Seal Machine Value
Let us show you how much money you will save by purchasing MDC Machinery.
– Save up front with Great Machine Prices
– Save on Parts – MDC machines are built using Commercially Available components
– Save on Support – MDC’s open and simple design is easy to understand and work on PLUS we give you all PN’s, drawings and source code!!!
– Save on Productivity – We have 20 year old machines still in action
– Save on Efficiency – Each system is built to minimize scrap and film waste. Best in Class!!

Great Lead Times
Released designs can be turned around in 3 months. New builds can be done in 4-6 months.

The Right Machine
Built Your Way to Your Specifications. We provide complete validation services for each of our machines. Complete protocols & support (PQ, OQ, IQ) plus calibration ports for gauged inputs such as pressure, vacuum & temperature.

The Right Company
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