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Announcing MDC MiniPac

First-of-Its-Kind, Compact Rollstock Machine Offers Reseal-able Packaging at an Affordable Cost

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, MARCH 1st, 2013 — MDC Engineering announced today that it has released a compact rollstock, zipper bag machine (The MDC MiniPac) that produces the look, feel, and finish of high-end blister packages for medical device and consumer packaging.

“The MDC MiniPac is a breakthrough in blister-packaging technology,” said the Vice President of MDC Engineering. “The Minipac boasts the smallest footprint of any rollstock machine with a zipper seal incorporated into it. In addition, one person can operate the system. The Minipac is ideal for medical device packaging applications where the product must be manually loaded or placed in the pouch prior to be sealed”

MDC MiniPac Zipper Bag Machine Benefits
The MiniPac’s powered unwinds and top and bottom web registration system allow users to run printed films on both the top and bottom webs. Included are splice and low web detection for each web. The MiniPac maintains registration throughout the entire run to ensure your final package looks great.

MDC chose to manufacture the system using 4” aluminum frames to ensure a solid and robust build while keeping the system affordable. An additional benefit is the open view of the inner components, which are completely guarded with a CAT 3 safety package.

The small footprint coupled with MDC’s retractable form and heat stations allow users to stop and start on a dime. Now you can produce 10 bags or a thousand on demand without wasting valuable materials!

Several cutting options are built in including a cross machine guillotine knife and rotary perforation cuts. In addition the system incorporates several cutting edge enhancements including a digital TTO over-printer for date coding, serialization and package differentiation as well as integrated vision for film and product verification..

Visit contact Jon Ford at (941) 358-0610, to watch a video of the MDC MiniPac Zipper Bag Machine in action or to request more details

“Our customers have realized tremendous savings with the MiniPac. In every respect, the machine is a model of efficiency, convenience, and quality.”