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MDC Engineering, Inc. Introduces Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealing Machine
First-of-Its-Kind Automation Process Offers Precision Packaging at an Affordable Cost

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, AUGUST 27, 2012 — MDC Engineering, Inc. announced today that it has developed new technology that produces the look, feel, and finish of a high-end blister package without using an expensive thermoformer machine. The Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealer allows product manufacturers to continue to source their pre-formed blisters while maintaining control over the packaging processes and finished product.

“The Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealer is a breakthrough in blister-packaging technology,” said the Vice President of MDC Engineering. “In the past, if manufacturers wanted a high-end blister pack with rounded edges and a seal with no overhang, they had to purchase a million-dollar machine to do it. Our machine puts precision packaging within reach of companies who until now couldn’t afford it.”

Inline Registered Die Cutting Plus Full Punch Machine Advantages
The Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealer uses untrimmed pre-formed blisters in multiple configurations. The blister is placed in the machine and the product is inserted. The machine then precisely registers the pre-printed top film and full die punches the custom shape while sealing the package with clean edges and no overhang. A retractable seal head with quick-change tooling provides medical grade seals for medical device packaging.

In addition, the Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealer can punch hanger holes, insert in-line cards, and attach labels.

High Productivity = Reduced Costs
One key advantage of the Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealer is its high production volume capacity. The system is capable of 15 cycles per minute and can process multiple blisters simultaneously. Clients can easily produce more than 5 million pieces annually with one operator.

“Our customers have realized tremendous savings when using this new technology. In every respect, the Integrated Die-Cut Blister Sealer is a model of efficiency, convenience, and quality.”

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